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How to have fun in Islamorada on a Jetski

How to hire out a Jetski - the best tips

Looking for some exhilarating adventure on water? Try Jet Ski boats! These wonderful vessels come cheap and are great ways to pep up your holidays. All you will need is a driver's license to. However, you may have to book in advance if you plan to opt for Jet Ski rentals during the peak season at popular holiday locations.

The fact that these boats can travel at very high speeds make them ideal for people who love to indulge in racing. If you wish to water ski, you may choose the three-seater models with tow ropes and skis.


* While choosing a Jet Ski rental you may ask the manager of the place where you are staying for references.

* You must be very careful about the safety that you carry onboard. Unless the agency is well-equipped it may not be able provide all the safety gear required. Apart from the standard personal flotation device or a life jacket, you should also carry a fire extinguisher.

* If you are not a seasoned driver of these vehicles, you should be given a manual which will enable you to become familiar with the operation of the vehicle.

* As with any other vehicle, do not drink and drive! Since these vessels are driven at fairly high speeds, accidents can be fatal.

* Items like keys, purses, and wallets should be stored in a zip lock bag. This bag should be kept in a water resistant saddlebag.

* Plan out your route in advance and tell the agency about your plan. This will preclude the possibility of your going to places where accidents are likely to occur.

Usually Jet Ski rental agencies will require you to pay some amount while renting a vessel as deposit. If reservation is required, do not forget to ask whether there are any cancellation charges of not. These boats are usually let out by the hour, so you may hire one for just half a day.

One of the best places to enjoy this activity is Land Cumberland in Kentucky. Since this artificial water body is 101 miles long and has a calm surface it is ideal for high speed racing. People also come to this place for the amazing landscape that surrounds the lake, the pleasant weather, and the abundance of fishing opportunities. The largest sauger caught in Kentucky came from this lake.

Jet Ski rentals are easily available on the several marinas on Land Cumberland.

Lee's Ford Resort Marina is a full service marina offering ski boat rentals services in Kentucky at affordable prices. Call us at 606.636.6426 for more details.

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How to break the Waterski world record

114 people Waterskiing behind the boat - world record beaten!!

THEY have finally done it, but in doing so have ignited a world-record rivalry.

After seven failed attempts and a lot of frustration, 114 waterskiers yesterday took to the waters off Strahan and successfully broke the world record for most skiers towed behind a boat.

The latest Tasmanian attempt to break the waterskiing record fell tantalisingly short during test runs on Saturday.

But spokesman and official photographer Mark Seaton said yesterday the waterskiers remained undaunted, making another attempt at first light yesterday morning.

The Horsehead Waterski Club, based at Lake Barrington, has been trying to break the record since February 2008 but the previous three attempts all fell short.

The record for most skiers towed behind a single boat was 100, set in Trinity Inlet, Cairns, in 1986.

And with the success yesterday came a warning from the Cairns and District Powerboat and Water Ski Club that it would be trying to win back the record it has held for 24 years.

Cairns club president Simon Greenwood said talk was afoot about trying to steal the title back.

"Anything is possible and really we weren't going to make any plans until they broke the record," Mr Greenwood said.

"We started to get worried and there was talk around the club about what we would do when the guys down there came close with 99 skiers and now that they've done it, it's time for us to get serious again.

"But I have to say, from everyone here in Cairns, congratulations and I will be giving the club a call in the next few days to pass on our thoughts."

Mr Greenwood said the Cairns club still held the record for the largest number of single-ski skiers towed behind a boat, which was also 100 people.

In the previous Tasmanian attempt in January, the boat crossed the line with 99 skiers standing, only one short of equalling the record.

And Saturday's attempt finished with 97 skiers standing, the swell knocking too many down.

To break the record, at least 101 skiers had to remain upright for one nautical mile.

Pulled behind the World Heritage Cruise's $5 million catamaran Eagle, 114 skiers broke the record in near-perfect conditions.

"The sheer determination on the faces of the skiers as they were being pulled behind the boat was just astounding," Mr Seaton said.

"You could see they were really hurting, they were in pain but those skiers right at the front are some of Tasmania's best waterskiers and they held on for grim death and would not let go."

Mr Seaton, who has been involved in the project as a sponsor since its inception two years ago, said it was not a matter of if but when the club would be successful.

"The club has been putting a lot of time and effort into its technique and testing equipment and ensuring this time everything was right," he said.

"There were a few little waves behind the wake of the boat which had us worried there for a few minutes but they hung on. This is just such an immense moment and to be here and be part of it is just phenomenal."

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Great things to do with a Yamaha Jetski

How to find the cheap ways of buying a Jetski

The latest jet ski models can be expensive so it's a good idea to find other ways to enjoy this water-borne activity without taxing the already dwindling finances. So the best option is to find cheap jet skis to save money. Buying a used or second-hand model that's running in a good mechanical and cosmetic condition can help to save a lot of money all round. Used skis can be located at a variety of sources, such as PWC dealers and traders, in classified ads - either in a local paper or online, or places such as Craigslist and eBay.

It's always wise to go take a look to see what you're buying. Make sure the personal watercraft is in a clean and working order and in need of minimal work, if any. And these second-hand models often come equipped with an assortment of accessories that the owner may no longer have a need for, such as a trailer, cover, and spare parts.

Having a mechanical background can help when it comes to looking over a PWC. Take note of the amount of hours ridden - 50 to 75 hours or less can be considered as low, while 150 plus hours is looked on as high. Look out for cosmetic defects, such as small tears in the seat covers, and damage or marks to the fiberglass. Ask if it was purchased new or used and on its maintenance history. And if at all possible go out for a test ride to see if the ski rides great and handles well once on the water.

Or it not mechanical minded and would like an independent opinion it might be a wise decision to track down a mechanic or watercraft store and have them inspect it. It might cost a bob or two to have it inspected, but that's going to seem insignificant if left with a dud machine.

If new to the sport of watercrafts it can be a benefit to take out a rental unit for a day or weekend in the first instant. This is a affordable option to experience all the thrills and spills of riding a jet ski without first having to splash out a lot of money. If that proves to be a success it can be time to move on and purchase one.

In today's PWC market its possible to locate used or cheap jet skis that are performance-packed, able to deliver high-speed handling, and maneuverability without leaving the wallet empty.

If you're interested in getting a more detailed look at Buying a Jet Ski, including tips on eBay Boats for Sale, take a look at http://www.RecreationalWatercraft.com

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How to find out about wakeboards and their bindings

Three Important Things to Consider in Shopping For Wakeboards

A body of water has provided us with a lot of wonders. It's beautiful view and cool water invites us to jump in and dive. The course of the waves makes us think of doing something more than just swimming. We want to explore and feel the adventure. One of the ultimate sports in the water is Wakeboarding.

For sports enthusiast, wakeboarding is one of the extreme sports that they surely don't want to miss. It involves riding an out of the ordinary piece of board in the surface of the water as you are towed behind a motor boat. Not only that, it can use other media aside from an engine boat. It covers almost all the techniques of surfing, snowboarding and water skiing. But before you can enjoy one unforgettable ride, you must at least shop for wakeboarding equipment.

There are three important things that you must consider upon buying one of the most important equipment of this sport which is the wakeboard itself. Since this is not just an ordinary gear, you need to at least have the right knowledge as to what to consider before rushing into buying something which is not needed. This would only cost you a lot of your time, money and effort.

The first thing you have to consider is to determine whether you are a beginner or an advanced wakeboarder. You have to accept the fact that there are boards for first time learners and for those who have learned a lot of tricks in the water. As a novice in this type of sport, you have to choose something which will give you stability. Usually, this is a board with square rails which will make you maneuver edgy moves in the water. Beginner boards are usually cheaper because you can't do any stunts to it because of its feature.

Advanced wakeboards which costs more have round rails. With this kind of wakeboarding equipment, a wakeboarder can perform amazing tricks and stunts. The person will land smoothly and will have lighter moves when lifting the board. Aside from your level of capacity in the water, you also have to bear in mind the conditions of the water that you want to venture into. If you want to challenge yourself by crashing into rough waters, then you can buy the boards with the larger fins. But for calm and smooth waters, you can go for a fin which is thinner. Moreover, you might want to go for a ramp style fin. This is a universal and user friendly fin which can be used for different riding tricks.

The third and last thing to consider is your weight and body shape. You must consider your weight first before choosing the boards for you because there are certain types of wakeboards available that will suit a certain type of body built and structure.

These are just few of the things that you need to ponder on while you purchase and decide to buy the wakeboarding gears that will bring you to your wildest dreams of challenging and enjoying the ultimate adventure on the water.

To shop for wakeboarding equipment, you have to consider a lot of things so that you will not encounter any problem in your extreme experience. To be able to answer the questions in your mind about all the gears you need, you can click on http://www.wakeboardingequipment.org.

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How to Slalom at Waterskiing

How to pursue extreme Waterskiing

There are many things to consider when you are buying or selling a boat. Boating is a wonderful hobby and can bring many happy, thrill-filled days, but, they might also be unhappy ones if you end up purchasing the wrong boat. If you are a bass fisherman, you know how important a good bass boat is. If you are looking for a good jon boat, purchasing one in the winter is a good idea, but the selection can sometimes be limited. Use the Internet, as it is a fantastic resource for all types of boats. Whether it is a bass boat, inflatable dinghy, inflatable zodiac or even a bow rider.

Pickup a boat trader magazine and scan through it until you find a boat suitable for your purposes. Remember that taking the word of the seller that the motor is sound is not good enough. If you're purchasing a fishing boat, a motor of eight to 20 hp is a good rule of thumb. When starting any outboard, two or three good cranks on the rope should be enough to fire the motor. If you find a boat that you really want, ask the owner if you can bring it into a dealer and have them verify the mechanical soundness of the motor.

It is important to decide what you are purchasing a boat for, fishing, rowing, paddling, power boating, or even a personal watercraft. If you are looking for a good stable craft, there is nothing like rigid inflatable boats for stability and buoyancy. Most of these types of craft will also take a small motor with the exception of kayaks and small inflatable boats. When purchasing a boat, remember that as soon as spring arrives many people will be looking for boats, and they will be harder to find and will be more expensive. Doing your homework and finding one now makes it a great time to purchase your boat.

By Terry Price- Remember to visit- [http://www.inflatable-boats-kayak-supplies.com/zodiac-boats.html] - An excellent boating magazine is a great way to keep up with the newest trends!- [http://www.inflatable-boats-kayak-supplies.com/164-canoe-kayak-magazine.html]

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How to perform wakeboarding tricks

Wakeboarding Tricks

3 of the top Wakeboarding tricks

Wakeboarding is a popular water sport, and it is only getting more popular each passing day. It takes a fair amount of skill and strength to pull off the fancy tricks, so all the guys and girls who can pull it off are truly admirable!

These are the kind of tricks that leave a crowd dazzled, amazed. The complicated tricks that are done flawlessly are breathtaking to watch. Want to know some of these impressive wakeboarding tricks? Here's a list!

Tantrum to Blind - This trick is truly awesome. Never seen it done before? Well, you really should! This is where the rider is facing forward, and goes diagonally to hit a small wave. When he or she hits the wave, they flip up in the air, do a twisting flip, and then land! It is truly amazing.

A Front Flip - One of the prettiest of wakeboarding tricks, this one is where the rider goes flying up into the air after hitting a wave. The rider performs a cartwheeling kind of flip while they are still in the air. Then they come back down, landing hard. Without a doubt one of the coolest tricks ever invented.

The Elephant - This is a great invert trick, where the rider flips up into the air, does a great flip to the side, and comes back down to a hard landing. If you pull it off right, this one looks fantastic.

There are many other types of wakeboarding tricks that are amazing, however, these are among the most difficult to perform. You'll find that they are among the most superb and breathtaking tricks around.

The thing is, you have to have a lot of skill to excel in a demanding sport like wakeboarding. Kudos to the guys who can do it!

Love to wakeboard? Visit Wakeboarding Tricks and get all the wakeboard tricks and wakeboarding tips you need to look like a pro.

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How to perform Jetski backflips

5 great reasons why women find Jetskiing sexy

When men think of driving a jet ski, they think of it as a status symbol, but women think of it as - one very sexy machine. It has everything women think is sexy.

First, let's look at the history and facts.

The jet ski was first introduced in 1973 by Kawasaki, but in 2003 the introduction of the four-stroke engines and then superchargers to the designs have resulted in machines with up to 260 horsepower.

These design changes have greatly changed the excitement of the sport for both racing and freestyle enthusiast.

Here are just of a few of the many things women think make jet skis sexy:

1. It's fast -- and it seems even faster than it really is. That just adds to the excitement.

2. It's classy with sleek styling. Nothing on the water has the look of one of these hot and fast machines.

3. It's not your common boat -- that's an understatement. Even fast boats can't deliver this thrill and excitement.

4. It's a dream to drive or ride. As many women say, "When you're driving one, you're in complete control of a ton of power." You can't experience this feeling in any ordinary boat.

5. When you pull up to the dock and step off of this powerful machine, women have immediate status as a women who loves adventure and is in complete control.

6. Finally, it's just plain fun. It's one of the most wonderful feelings on earth is the way many women describe the experience.

The good news for anyone who is looking for adventure is that now in today's economy, jet skis are selling at unheard of low prices. Check eBay and search the Internet and you just might find one of these incredible values for yourself.

Jerry Minchey is an engineer, author and researcher. He cuts through the hype and gets down to the bare facts to reveal secrets that are easy to understand using non-technical terms. He has written several books and holds five patents as a result of his research.

For more information go to the Jet Ski Resource Center and find the latest Jet Ski Bargain including prices that are updated hourly.

You can also see the latest reviews and information about new and used machines at Jet Skis Reviewed.

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How to Build a Wakeboard Slider

How to Build a Wakeboard Slider - a guide

A wakeboard slider is a device in which the wake boarder will jump on, while being towed behind a boat, and then land back into the water. Basically a slider is like a piece to an obstacle course. You can buy sliders, but then of course you also have the option of learning how to build a wakeboard slider yourself, which is ideal because then you can customize it and make it as easy or difficult to jump as you want.

Getting Started

When it comes to learning how to build a wakeboard slider, the first thing you need to do is get the necessary materials together. These materials include: plastic drums, plywood, screws, PVC cleaner, cement, PVC, PVC internal unions, and toggle bolts.

Once you have all of the materials for your wakeboard slider gathered together you need to first build yourself a basic frame holding the drums, one which has a length and breadth of at least twelve and six feet respectively. Now you need to box the drums from all four corners, so that the barrel will not be able to fit through all the way, and then add supports for the four feet long beam. After this you need to attach angle braces to it so that dangerous right-left movements will be prevented, and also to support the plywood.

Now you just need to mount it to the PVC, join the two lengths, and attach the PVC, using standard toggle bolts. Remember that it is going to be most ideal if you use the bolts at a distance of about four feet, so that the nuts are facing the direction in which the tubing is running lengthwise. Once you have completed this you want to add the rear slider, and then evenly put the front section of the slider to the rear, making sure that there are no gaps visible.

Now you want to add the arc to the front end of the wakeboard slider so that the tubing goes underwater, and now you must apply the braces throughout the arc for support. Then you are finished making your wakeboard slider and you can get out on the water and test it out for yourself. Remember that when learning how to build a wakeboard slider if you find it too low or too high you can always resume working on it and adjust the levels to your own specific preferences.

Not only does this make it more convenient for you but also by learning how to build your own wakeboard slider you will save yourself a great deal of money and have bragging rights.

Rich Wells runs his own online travel business. Check out these great Wakeboarding articles, ideas and info or perhaps Wakeboard reviews and resources.

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How to perform some great Kneeboard tricks when Waterskiing

How to Kneeboard for fun (part of Waterskiing)

Being new to the sport of kneeboarding it's really hard to start off especially if you are a beginner. As an introduction to 'boat-towed' sport, a kneeboard is a great piece of equipment to practice with. The low center of gravity often makes it easier to get up on than a water ski or wakeboard, which both require standing up.

Here are two ways to do a deepwater kneeboard start, the belly start and the low buoyancy start.

The Belly Start

o The most common kneeboard start is the belly start or abdomen start. In performing this, you should put down your belly on the board with the strap laying forward and pointing towards the nose of the board.

o The nose of the board should be sticking out of the water. Place your one hand on the side of the board and the other hand grasping the rope and on holding the other side of the board.

o As the boat starts moving pull your knees ahead into the padded knee wells on the board. And as you do this, try not to bend forward, and keep your weight back.

o When you feel balanced, let go of the rope with your one hand, and with the other hand pull the strap up over your knees and tighten the strap to where it feels secure. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

The Low Buoyancy Start

o A low buoyancy kneeboard is one that is very thin, and while you are waiting in the water it will sink slightly into the water when you put your body weight to it. This allows you to go ahead to fasten yourself into the board before the boat pulls you up.

o It is easier if you adjust the strap to your preferred fit before you get into the water. This can be done on the swim platform or on a flat spot in the boat. You just simply get on the board and adjust the length to where it slides comfortably over you knees.

o After the strap is adjusted, jump in the water with the board. Apply weight to the board by pressing down with your elbows, and with your hands on the board in the same position as described in the belly start, pull your knees up on the board and below the strap.

o This start requires less effort when the boat is pulling you out of the water and also it requires a lot of balance before the boat starts moving. You need to balance yourself to keep the board from flipping over while you are strapped in it as you wait to be pulled out of the water. Balancing in the knee board can be best achieved by moving your arms back and forth in the water as if you were treading water.

o You should remain in that position; keep your balance with the nose of the board pointing slightly out of the water. As the boat starts moving bend back and you should pop out of the water with ease. This is the time to tighten the strap if needed. Keep your arms extended and slightly bent.

Nicola Kennedy is an enthusiastic kneeboarder. Kneeboarding-Supplies.info offers news, information, views and kneeboarding tips for beginners.

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How to Waterski Slalom

How to race on Waterskis

As in any sport, water ski racing has its own vocabulary of terms which are not used anywhere else. This glossary will help you get the most out of Water Ski Racing when just starting out.

Asking for more

Using a signal agreed with the observer, the skier will indicate to the observer that he wants to go faster.

Back leg

The length of course which runs furthest from the beach from right to left.


A high performance race boat manufactured in Belgium.


Custom made rubber-like boots that are screwed to the ski. The skier's feet are firmly secured inside the bindings.

Blue flag

The blue flag is flown to inform teams that they have one lap to go.


An orange/yellow inflatable marker that floats on the water and sets out different points on the race course that the teams will follow.


Used to describe water conditions that are not calm. The bigger the chop, the harder it will be for the skier to ski fast.


A high performance race boat manufactured in Australia.


A high performance race boat manufactured in Britain.


A very popular high performance racing ski manufactured in Australia.

Front leg

The length of course which runs nearest to the beach from left to right.


A boat with an engine that sits inside the boat.


A high performance race boat manufactured in the USA.


A very popular high performance racing ski manufactured in the USA.


A very commonly used engine. Its full name is Mercury.


The member of the team who sits looking back at the skier. Amongst other things, the observer in the communication link between the driver and the skier.


A boat with an engine/engines that are fixed to the back of the boat.


The hull and engine(s) that make up the complete boat.

Patting the dog

The skier reaches his/her arm to the side and using a motion similar to patting a dog on the head, signaling to the observer that he/she wants to slow down.


This is the 'propeller' that turns on the boat engine.


A high performance race boat manufactured in the USA.

Start flags

These are the two flags that are raised to signify that the race will soon begin. The first flag drops after 4.5 minutes allowing the skiers to drop into the water. The second flag drops after a further 30 seconds, signaling that the race is underway.


A boat with two engines. Usually outboards but in some rare cases inboards.

Waving up

One variation of 'asking for more' where the skier uses his/her hand to literally 'wave upwards' to ask the observer for more speed.

Waving down

The skier uses his/her hand to literally 'wave downward' to signal to the observer that he/she wants to slow down..


The unique technique used in ski racing where the end of the ski line splits into two. Using handles, these two pieces are pulled each side of the skier and are held together behind the skier's back with one hand, whilst the skier's other hand holds the ski line or a third handle in front of him/her. Being Wrapped, reduces the strain on the skier's arms and back, by transferring it to the skier's legs.

Web: http://www.skirace.net

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How to Jetski in the cool Ocean

How to have great fun wakeboarding

There are lots of water sports nowadays but by far, one of the considered coolest among them is wakeboarding. Do you agree? It is fairly easy to learn and more fun with twists than water-skiing. This will be easy for those who are used with snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding. Their experience will lead them to merely pull the rope and then add a boat for a fun start.

In this sport, you will be riding a single board and will be pulled around the lake with a cable attached to a speedboat. It had attracted a large number of people to try and experience riding in the water. Yes, you can try if for yourself using rent gear too!

Take note that when you are more advanced to learning the basics, the chance that you will become more adventurous is possible. With the use of water ramp, you can certainly do awesome stunts and tricks. Being the rider, you can tow behind the boat at a typical speeds of 18-24 miles each hours depending to the condition of the water, board size and the weight of the rider.

Wakeboards have different bottom designs and the shapes express the style of the rider. There are some that are channels or concaves in the bottom and accordingly and some with nothing at all. For example, when the tip of the wakeboard is found is with the single concave that will mean higher ride is possible. It is same as through with having channels in the wakeboard's middle.

Also, the width and length of it affects how one will impact in the water. The use of larger wakeboards will lend a smoother style and the smaller ones are faster with the spins. Although consider this, it also make the landing more difficult and more aggressive. See? There basically are tips in the shape because it affects the performance all throughout.

While in the riding wakeboarding techniques, it varies for beginners, intermediate and experts. It is in the air that a rider should attempt doing the tricks such as the Surface 180 for beginners and Air front flip for the intermediate. They are just two of the many so you can have wide choice of the trick preferences.

Think that before you learn the sport or start again with a new trick, you should find out the techniques everything that involves in it. For first timers, you should be aware that once the boat driver is well experienced with the job you will have greater chance of improving easily with the skill. Constant speed is what there should be because it will after all mean your improvement too.

One of the many advantages this wakeboarding can offer a man is improving their health and ability. Whether you may just be a keen surfer who wants to start a new hobby, a complete beginner or an expert finding ways to master more techniques, this is an addictive sport for you. Indeed, this is very suitable to everyone when it comes to exercising the cardio.

Find out more this extreme Wakeboarding sport. Visit http://www.wakeboardingzone.org

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How to Wipeout at Waterskiing at Sea World, Goldcoast

How to Waterski on the sea

Water skiing is a popular summer activity throughout Texas, with people flocking to lakes and beaches with skis and boat in tow. For a beginner, the thought of being towed behind a boat on a pair of skis can seem extremely intimidating, if not downright frightening. Once the boat gets started up, how will the individual even know how to stand up?

Luckily for most adventurous individuals, water skiing isn't nearly as hard as it appears. For the most part, all that it requires is a little knowledge of skiing procedures, a strong grip, and common sense enough to know when to hold on and when to let go.

The first thing you want to do is make sure that your skis fit properly. This means that they're tight enough so they’re not loose on your feet, and that you have to undo them in order to get them off. But not so tight that they're painful to wear.

Once your skis are properly adjusted, it's time to grab the tow rope and… “assume the position.” First, practice on shore or on the dock by leaning backwards slightly, keeping your head forward, your knees bent, and your legs should be under your body. Once you get in the water, assume the position again, this time with the tips of the skis protruding above the surface of the water. If you have trouble getting into this position, take your time, the boat won’t go anywhere until you're ready to go.

Once the boat begins to move, the slack will disappear from the towrope and begin working its way to your standing position. Hold your arms straight and rigid, resisting the pull of the boat with your legs. Press into the water, and use the resistance to stand in a more upright position. As the boat picks up speed, press harder against the increased resistance and you should be able to reach a full standing position.

If you have trouble getting on your feet, don't worry about it. Standing up on your skis is one of the hardest parts of water skiing. It may take a bit of practice before you get the hang of it. You'll likely fall several times before you get up all the way, and even after you're an old pro at it, you'll still take the occasional tumble. Falling is part of skiing, and, for some individuals, is a big part of the fun.

When you do fall, though, it's helpful to know the best way to fall, to prevent most injuries. As soon as you feel yourself starting to lose your balance, let go of the towrope immediately. In some cases, if you are seasoned enough, you might be able to regain your balance if you stick it out. But, for most individuals, it's better to go ahead and take a dive than be dragged face-first through the water behind a speeding boat. So, as you fall, tuck your head in and bring your knees up, curling yourself into a ball. Try to fall backwards, if you can. Curling yourself up like this reduces the amount of free limbs and extremities that will hit the water, reducing the chance of injury.

Once you've recovered from the fall, wait for the boat to circle back around to pick you up. You might find it difficult to maneuver in the water while wearing skis, so feel free to take them off and use them as floatation devices. Now that you know how water ski, as well as take a fall, don't be afraid to get back on those skis and go again.

The following are basic do’s-and-dont’s you should follow for waterskiing safety and courtesy:

o Do wear a life jacket while operating the boat and while skiing. The skier should wear a U.S.

Coast Guard approved life jacket that has a high impact rating and is designed for water skiing.
o Do have an observer on board whose only job is to watch the skier, receive signals and alert the boat operator if the skier falls.

o Do be familiar with the water skiing area, so you can avoid areas of shallow water, submerged obstructions and other dangerous situations. Also, stay clear of beaches and swimming areas, and do not purposely spray other boats or swimmers.

o Do go over hand signals with the skier before he or she is in the water.

o Do use a towrope that is at least 75 feet long.

o Do give a wide berth to fishermen and slower-moving crafts like canoes, kayaks and sailboats.

o Don’t ski when it is getting dark or is night. It is hard for the boat operator, skiers and other boats to see your boat and the skiers.

o Don’t use drugs or alcohol while operating the boat or water skiing. The substances impair good judgment and coordination.

o Don't ski within 300 feet of another vessel, or 100 feet of the shore, a dock, or swim area.

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Jetskiing at Dakak Resort

5 great tips for buying a jetski

Jet skiing is definitely one of the most thrilling water sports that you can ever try. But if you're tired of renting, then why not consider buying your own unit? Here are some tips to find the best used jet ski for your needs:

1. Look for one with few owners and little mileage.

If you're buying a used jet ski, then avoid buying one that's been run into the ground (so to speak). One or two previous owners isn't major, but avoid examples that have had several owners. It's just like a car the more owners there have been, the more likely you'll inherit someone else's headaches. And the more someone has ridden it, the more likely there will be some major mechanical issues to deal with.

2. Look for complete service records.

As with any other type of powered vehicle, water craft require routine maintenance and repairs. That's normal. But when you buy a jet ski that lacks complete service records (or worse completely lacks them),
there is no way of knowing what work has been done on it. There will simply be too many question marks in your mind, about what maintenance the machine has undergone.

3. Inspect the item in person, whenever possible.

The key to doing this is to buy locally. Yes, you could purchase a used jet ski from a reputable dealer and not have any buyer's remorse afterward. But if you do, then be absolutely certain that you can trust the seller. Buying locally and inspecting it will help to avoid potential problems such as scams and lemons. Otherwise, it's difficult to know what exactly you're getting when you buy. The picture you see on a website may not be what is shipped to your home!

4. Test drive when possible.

Unfortunately this isn't always possible, and especially if you or the owner live in a desert. But whenever possible, definitely take the craft out for a spin, before you buy it. Just as when buying a car or truck, this will give you an idea about how much power the unit has, and whether it meets your particular needs. If you can't test drive it, then make sure to inspect it thoroughly before buying it.

5. Remember that you get what you pay for.

As with most other purchases, there is a link between the cost and its quality. Sure, there is always a chance that you could get an outstanding deal. But make sure that you don't purchase a cheap example for the sake of doing that. It's crucial that the exterior and mechanics of it are in good shape. While this may increase the price of the machine, ultimately it will certainly be worthwhile. Spending a little more could save you a small fortune in the future. Following these tips can help to ensure that you buy a used jet ski that you could be making waves with for quite a long time!

Anthony Bule is a writer who is mad about water sports. More information and articles written by Anthony on buying a used jet ski can be seen at http://www.usedjetski.net.

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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

8 great Jetskking stunts and more

The history of Jetskiing

Although it is used as a generic term encompassing all makes of personal watercraft 'Jet Ski' is actually the brand name of the personal watercraft manufactured by Kawasaki. These days it is acceptable to call all personal watercraft by the name Jet Ski sometimes shortened to just 'Ski'.

There are two basic types of Jet Ski the stand-up version which is used by freestyle competitors and the sit-down version which is better suited for cruising and recreational use. The main differences being that the stand-up version has a pivoting handlebars and no seat which allows greater freedom and movement to the rider. Freestyle riders use this freedom to perform stunts such as jumps, rolls and backflips.

The sit-down version has a larger hull and can either be made for one rider or up to three riders on a family sized watercraft. These PWs are more comfortable for longer distances and are suited to cruising and pleasure rides.

There are global competitions for both type of Jet Ski. Which include Freestyle championships awarding prizes for the best stunts, races and endurance competitions where the PW would be ridden for a longer distance.

Kawasaki was the first manufacturer to start building jet skis and produced the first stand-up JSs as early as 1973. The JS came to the general public around 1976 Kawasaki stated to mass produce JSs and the sport as we know it was born.

Jet skiing has gradually gained popularity throughout the decades and the early 90s saw the sport evolve to competition level. As the personal watercrafts became more capable and more powerful competition level riding became more than just a hobby and riders started to attract sponsorship. This allowed riders to commit themselves to training full time and develop the sport to the skill level we see today.

Competitions run throughout the year at venues across the globe and the sport boasts a massive worldwide following of fans, enthusiasts and competitors.

WaveRunner is another name for personal watercraft. WaveRunner is the trade name of Yamaha PW. There are four main manufacturers of jet skis Kawasaki and Yamaha being widely considered the forerunners. There are also Polaris and Bombardier who do a good job of holding their own.

For more articles about Jet Skiing and the UK Jet Ski scene visit our site http://www.ukjetski.com

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Monday, 15 March 2010

wake boarding water skiing & wake surfing at Pineview Dam

3 things to know about the difference between wakeboarding and Waterskiing

When it comes to sports, there are lots of games to choose from. From basketball to baseball... there're just too many conventional games for anyone to choose from. However, none of these can ever compare to the amount of joy one surface sport can bring. Aside from the fact that this sport allows you to glide on water, it's also fun, adrenaline rushing and undeniably enjoyable. It's wakeboarding!

This is the sport of choice if you want to have aquatic fun without having to go underwater. It involves a wake, a boat and of course... a body of water. This combination of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing is indeed a one stop workout for anyone who seeks to have the thrill of a lifetime. Formerly known as skurfing, this sport is widely popular to sporting aficionados who want to gain a one of a kind experience in rivers, lakes and even oceans.

Here, a person rides a wake behind a running boat. The person then holds on to a rope which is attached to the rear of the boat. As the vessel runs, the wake, along with the rider is dragged along. The speed of the boat that drags the rider defines how exhilarating or relaxing a wakeboarding session may be.

For beginners, a slower pace is always recommended. A speed limit if 18 mph is enough for someone who just wants to get a feel of what this magnificent sport feels like. The ropes for beginners are also shorter, measuring approximately 45 to 50 feet. With experience though, the speed gets faster and the ropes start to get a little longer. In fact, experienced wakeboarders can even travel at a speed of 22.5 to 24 mph. This however depends on certain elements such as the shape of the wakeboard.

The main difference between waterskiing and wakeboarding is the platform on which the rider stands. For water skiing, a rider goes on top of a pair of skis. Here though, there is only a singular platform with a non release hold on the foot. These boards are typically 120 to 147 cm in length. This length changes depending on the weight of the rider it has to carry.

The shape of the wakeboard is similar but not completely the same as that of a snowboard. Its edges do not taper towards the center. In fact, a wakeboard is widest at its middle area. It also has a concave shape when viewed horizontally. This concave form is typically known as a rocker. This structure helps in achieving softer landing and popping when riding on water. With the concave shape, the board accommodates the water's waves, even if the wakeboard is going the opposite direction.

These are the things you need to know when it comes to wakeboarding. With all these in mind, you are almost set for a one of a kind wakeboarding experience. Try it now and feel a kind of exhilaration you've never felt before. You will surely love it.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

How to jump over another Waterskiers rope

5 Steps to attatching a waterski and wakeboard rope to a boat

Water skiing is a favorite past time for many people! Whether you are watching from the boat, or participating in the activity its fun being around the people you love. What is better, then being out on the lake with the wind in your face, the cool water splashing up on you, or just touching up on your nice tan! However, many things can go wrong, you need to take the proper precautions to avoid dangerous situations. That is why I am going to help make sure you know how to attach a water ski rope to the boat! This is a simple process that doesn't take much time, but if done incorrectly could have dire consequences!

Step 1.

You are going to want to locate the metal tow ring, which can usually be found on the back of your boat. Test the tow ring several times, by pulling very hard, making sure that it is securely connected to your boat. Also the tow ring needs to have a curved piece on top to be able to hook your rope to.

Step 2.

Locate the loop on the end of your rope and carefully inspect your entire rope to make sure that it is safe. Now, grab the loop in one hand, and the rope in the other about a foot away from the loop.

Step 3.

In your hand opposite of the loop, double up the rope. Now, make a loop by holding the rope that is doubled, about 5-7 inches of loop sticking out. Next, feed the loop that you just made through the very first loop in the end of the tow rope.

Step 4.

Place the new loop into the tow ring located at the end of your boat, then place the end of the new loop over the top of the curved end.

Step 5.

Finally, hold your rope onto the curved end, with one hand, and pull firmly on the tow rope using your other hand, making sure that the loop is tightening around the metal tow ring.

This is a simple process, but if done incorrectly could have dire consequences! Remember to always take the time to test your rope and metal tow ring before each use. Now that you know how to attach a water ski rope to a boat, quit wasting your time indoors on the computer and get out there on that lake! Always remember safety first!

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Just a brilliant video

How to find an Exhilarated by Water Sport - Wakeboarding

There are lots of water sports nowadays but by far, one of the considered coolest among them is wakeboarding. Do you agree? It is fairly easy to learn and more fun with twists than water-skiing. This will be easy for those who are used with snowboarding, surfing or skateboarding. Their experience will lead them to merely pull the rope and then add a boat for a fun start.

In this sport, you will be riding a single board and will be pulled around the lake with a cable attached to a speedboat. It had attracted a large number of people to try and experience riding in the water. Yes, you can try if for yourself using rent gear too!

Take note that when you are more advanced to learning the basics, the chance that you will become more adventurous is possible. With the use of water ramp, you can certainly do awesome stunts and tricks. Being the rider, you can tow behind the boat at a typical speeds of 18-24 miles each hours depending to the condition of the water, board size and the weight of the rider.

Wakeboards have different bottom designs and the shapes express the style of the rider. There are some that are channels or concaves in the bottom and accordingly and some with nothing at all. For example, when the tip of the wakeboard is found is with the single concave that will mean higher ride is possible. It is same as through with having channels in the wakeboard's middle.

Also, the width and length of it affects how one will impact in the water. The use of larger wakeboards will lend a smoother style and the smaller ones are faster with the spins. Although consider this, it also make the landing more difficult and more aggressive. See? There basically are tips in the shape because it affects the performance all throughout.

While in the riding wakeboarding techniques, it varies for beginners, intermediate and experts. It is in the air that a rider should attempt doing the tricks such as the Surface 180 for beginners and Air front flip for the intermediate. They are just two of the many so you can have wide choice of the trick preferences.

Think that before you learn the sport or start again with a new trick, you should find out the techniques everything that involves in it. For first timers, you should be aware that once the boat driver is well experienced with the job you will have greater chance of improving easily with the skill. Constant speed is what there should be because it will after all mean your improvement too.

One of the many advantages this wakeboarding can offer a man is improving their health and ability. Whether you may just be a keen surfer who wants to start a new hobby, a complete beginner or an expert finding ways to master more techniques, this is an addictive sport for you. Indeed, this is very suitable to everyone when it comes to exercising the cardio.

Find out more this extreme Wakeboarding sport. Visit http://www.wakeboardingzone.org

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Friday, 12 March 2010

How to communicate to the boat when you wakeboarding or waterskiing

How to deliver hand signals when Waterskiing or Wakeboarding

Water sports are gaining popularity everywhere across the globe these days. Places which have beaches have always witnessed popularity and craze of water sports. The most popular and preferred water sports are Wake boarding and Water skiing. To be able to enjoy these two sports you need to have all the necessary knowledge about the sport, safety precautions and about the wake boarding and water skiing equipments.

About Wake boarding:

In wake boarding the boarder has to ride and balance himself/herself on the wakeboard while riding on the water surface. The wakeboard is tied behind a boat with the help of Wakeboard Bindings. The boat pulls you along and you have to maintain your balance and maneuver your wakeboard accordingly.

Wake boarding is actually not an original concept, but it was formulated by combining three other sport techniques, that of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. The wakeboard is pulled along behind a boat. Generally the boat's speed is maintained at 15-25 miles per hour, depending upon the age and skills of the wake boarder, and also on number of other conditions, like rider's weight, height, water conditions, etc.

To be able to perform wake boarding efficiently, one must have a good quality wakeboard and bindings. A good quality wakeboard allows you to maneuver smoothly and efficiently on the water surface and helps in maintaining your balance. A good quality wakeboard is of ideal width. A very thick whiteboard makes it difficult to maneuver the board as it gets heavy and a very thin Wakeboard makes it difficult to maintain balance and can easily upturn. Also, a good quality binding is of equal importance as it ensures your safety by keeping you securely bound to the towing boat.

About Water Skiing:

It is highly important to be a skilled skier before you take to deep waters. The speed of water skiing is quite high which can be as high as 50 miles per hour. A mere tumble or imbalance can lead to sever consequences like drowning, serious face and knee injuries. Good skills and proper water skiing equipments can help you prevent accidents.

A life jacket is of utmost importance as at a high speed when you loose your balance, it is very difficult to come above the water surface yourself, which can lead to drowning. Use a good quality fiber glass skis that are sturdy and support your weight.

Select the length of the skis depending upon skills and style of skiing. It is always advisable to use long and wide skis in the beginning. This helps you in better manoeuvring and support. From the three types of skis, Slalom Pairs, Combination Pairs and Trick Skis, go for combination skis as they are easiest to use and provide better control.

Use a good quality rope that is elastic in nature, which provides good control while changing speeds.

For any help on Water Skiing Equipment, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Wakeboard bindings!

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

How to have the best fun on a Hyperlite Wakeboard

4 great reasons why you need a Hyperlite Wakeboard

Wakeboarding has quickly become one of the most popular forms of watersports. With the rise of stars such as Parks Bonifay and Brett Eisenhauer, they have sparked a whole new industry. You can buy boats, wakeboards, lines, cables, apparel, and just about anything else that has to do with the sport of wakeboarding. I love going boating in the summer time on the lake, and wakeboarding on my Hyperlite wakeboard has been very fun for me and my friends. I recently bought a new Hyperlite wakeboard and I paid more for it than most other brands of wakeboards. I will give the reasons why I think it was worth the extra cost.

Hyperlite has been in the wakeboard industry since the very beginning of the sport. There are many other brands available and most are somewhat cheaper. Liquid Force has some pretty sweet boards on the market right now also. I chose to buy the Hyperlite Era L7 132 Wakeboard. The board retails for around $350, and it is a great board.

The first thing I noticed about this board was the weight was considerably less than the other models. Hyperlite Wakeboards claims that the core of the board is made from the lightest synthetic foam available today. They say the foam is made from L7 Lithium, and I can say from experience that this thing is really light. It has made it easy for me to start doing higher jumps and more tricks, basically letting me ride more aggressively.

One of my favorite things was how high in the water that the board rode. If you have ever ridden wakeboards before you know how much easier this makes things. The Hyperlite wakeboard has been designed with fret rails as opposed to flow through rails enabling it to sit and ride higher in the water. This allows the board to ride stronger up and into the wake for easier jumps and tricks.

Hyperlite makes their boards with layered glass as opposed to woven fiber glass. This is a really nice feature because over time woven glass has the tendency to separate and come apart. I once had a cheap O'brien wakeboard and after a season the fiber glass on the sides was all coming apart and the board just wasn't working as well as it did when I first got it. With the layered glass on a Hyperlite wakeboard it should last far longer, up to 5 seasons long. This is why they offer a lifetime guarantee.

The best part of the board is that it is so beginner friendly. When I take friends out on the water they always want to take a turn on the wakeboard. My new Hyperlite wakeboard [http://www.hyperlitewakeboard.org] is easy for them because it come out of the water so easily. If you wakeboard you know that the hardest part to learn is just getting up and out of the water. These boards are so light and with the fret rails it makes it easy for beginners, while providing all the great features that intermediate and advanced riders want.

If you are considering a new wakeboard you have many choices. There are some great brands on the market today. As I said it was a really hard choice between a Hyperlite wakeboard [http://www.hyperlitewakeboard.org] or a Liquid Force model. I think that I made the right choice in paying more for a Hyperlite wakeboard.Now I am looking forward to a long hot summer out on the lake. Be safe this year and have fun out on the water.

I am currently hosting a website all about wakeboarding. If you want the latest news, reviews, and pictures from the wakeboarding scene please stop by at [http://www.hyperlitewakeboard.org]

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

How to perform Back Rolls on a Wakeboard

How to Wakeboard - Wakeboard and Waterski video

Wakeboarding could be more fun if you would consider wakeboard video. Videos can be used in many ways. It could be used as a tutorial for other beginners by posting it to the website or video sharing to some video sharing sites. Another use of videos, it could be a good memory to treasure of your great experience in the middle of the big ocean.

The value for wakeboard videos has grown manifold as more and more folks select this exciting sports. On a specific occasion, presenting somebody through videos can be a good thing. Videos can be taken when the person zeroed in is wakeboarding. Keeping in mind the incredible recognition, selling videos to the person can truly be a profitable business. Showing how they have managed to gather the skill, it is overwhelming for them to see themselves in these videos. A very good memento of seeing sacrifice as rider learning the sport is provided by a wakeboard video.

Videos can be good learning procedures for wakeboard amateurs and aspirants because tricks and strategies can be easily viewed. Viewing before take off is a great assurance of safety and protection most especially for newbies or beginners.

The lifestyle of a wakeboard rider is targeted as the focus in another class of DVDs. The life of a professional outside the arena of wakeboarding may be featured along with some solid riding. Reflecting wakeboarding as a skill, these DVDs are intensely popular. Wakeboarding is a sport with few exciting tricks done by interesting personalities.

Any aspiring wakeboard rider can be galvanized with another category of wakeboard videos. There are riding pictures behind the ship contained in them with some of the newest tricks and differentiations. These DVDs can get someone really excited and interested about wakeboarding.

Watching the moves shown extraordinarily minutely in the video can truly be a useful way to learn. Showing the way to get started, videos of a newbie may be watched as it will help to learn. Following the instructions given, the assorted moves are practiced. A skateboard, surfboard or a snowboard can be used for practice when facing seasonal restrictions.

It must be attempted to glue the fun factor to it. One is in the position to learn it fast when he likes the experience. Both as a souvenir and learning tutorial, a wakeboard video can truly be of help.

Exciting and Fun Wakeboard Video, you will find it out more here by checking out the website http://www.WakeboardVideo.org.

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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

One of the best Wakeboard Boats

4 best options to purchase a wakeboard boat

Almost all wakeboard riders should have an idea what to look for when purchasing a wakeboard boat. Wakeboard boats are generally built for speed, agility and strength and can make a huge difference between a good and bad wakeboarding experience.

Before you start doing your window shopping you must first have an idea of how much you are able to spend with it. Brand new boats will cost you more than what you expect but of course you can still option for the monthly installment plans so that it won't be hard on you wallet. The cost does not usually stops there, there will be some other fees to take care such as cost for the gas, insurance and some gears. So make sure that before you make a budget for the boat make it on a maximum price.

The ideal way to get a perfect boat is to attend some boat shows. All of the dealers in different areas will display their boats to those prospective buyers and will surely offer a great affordable price. Shows like this can be a big aid on your part for you can compare the boats physically. It is very important to have a full knowledge regarding different aspects of the boat and its strength to know if it is capable to handle what you are planning to make use of it. One example to this is that when you are planning to use it with the whole family then you need a boat that is big enough to accommodate all of your family members comfortably.

There are generally four types of wakeboard boats on the market right now. First is the jet boat, this type of boat is actually used by skiers. Makers of this type of boats aiming wakeboard riders also however this boat does not create wakes that are ideal for wakeboarding. Second is the outboard boat. These boats are mostly used for fishing and this boat also got the speed but the wakes they create is just similar to the skiers used. And lastly, the inboard/outboard boats, this are the most in demand wakeboard boats nowadays. This is the type of boat that either novice or experts can handle.

Although these boats are built with their own specific quality of usage and strong points but the inboard boat is probably the perfect boat for wakeboarding because their engine is stuff inside the boat and has a deeper hull that approximately creates some perfect wakes but still maintain the ride smooth. Purchasing a wakeboard boat is not that easy, proper research and knowledge can assist you to have the accurate one for you and for your budget.

Visit this site http://www.WakeboardZone.org to find out the best and affordable wakeboards.

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Monday, 8 March 2010

3 top tips for Wakeboard and Waterskiing saftey

How to prepare for Extreme Sport Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is a sport that is being embraced by many people in every parts of the world. This sport is full of intense adrenaline rush and nerve breaking thrill and excitement that will surely make an individual to crave for more. The fun and adventure this sport brings is the reason why more and more individuals are gearing up and heading their way to the nearest water adventure parks.

This sport is similar to that of snowboarding, or skateboarding and surfing only that the player is tagged behind a boat or a cable wire perhaps. Playing this sport is surely difficult because you have to properly manage your balancing skills knowing that you will encounter waves and other rough water surfaces. And not only balancing skills but including the skill of swimming very well. You have to be a good swimmer in order for you to survive when you fall or when you fail to hold on tight to the cable that connects you to the boat.

There are other things to consider as well before playing the sport. One very important thing is the weather condition. A bright and shiny day is ideal for wakeboarding. When the weather is not good, it might be too risky and dangerous on your part. Being prepared with all the equipments will also help you all throughout the game.

There are many individuals out there who engage in extreme sports without having enough background on the sport and some of them end up having difficulty training and learning. When you engage in wakeboarding activities, it is best that you have gathered enough background about the sport and have the necessary skills that the sport requires. Being prepared with the necessary wakeboarding equipment will help as well.

Training videos for wakeboarding can now be purchased in dvd stores. Through this, an individual can already have an insight on what he will face when he tries out the sport. Learning the basics will also help an individual to properly manage every difficulty that he will meet while he is on the water. There are also wakeboard magazines intended for wakeboarding enthusiasts that you can get information. As soon as you will get to have a picture and knowledge on the sport, then it is time to purchase the necessary wakeboarding equipments in a wakeboard shop.

Purchasing the necessary wakeboard equipment needed for wakeboarding are all found in wakeboarding shops. You can find your wakeboarding needs such as the wakeboard, vests, bindings, helmets and other accessories. The need to wear protective gears like vests and helmets is a must for every wakeboarder as this will protect them from acquiring injuries during the whole duration of the game.

As soon as you have the necessary gears for wakeboarding, then it is time to train yourself on how to play the game. Proper balance and posture must be taught as this will help you to manage being tagged the whole time. As soon as you learn the basics, you will then eventually make your own wakeboard tricks.

Learning how to wakeboard may take some time but with proper training and dedication, you will surely become an expert in this sport.

Wakeboarding is considered as one of the most sought after games across the globe. Interested individuals need to have a thorough background about this sport so as to make them aware of the difficulties that they will encounter when they will play the game. You can click this site http://www.wakeboardzone.org when you want to learn more about wakeboarding and its components.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010

How to install an Edge Wakeboard Tower on your Waterski boat

3 great benefits to having a Wakeboard tower on your boat

Wakeboarding continues to become a very popular sport. Professional riders perform tricks that seem impossible and truly daring. Most of these tricks can only be performed if the boat towing the rider has a wakeboarding tower. This accessory allows riders to get higher in the air without being slammed into the water when gravity pulls them back down. This also allows the rider to make tricks that seem impossible to perform.

Attaching a wakeboard rope atop a wakeboard tower has various advantages, the most obvious one is increased hang time. When the rope is attached directly at the hull, the boat would pull the rider back down to the water. You would not catch much time in the air, to perform other tricks.

These towers are mostly standard equipment on wakeboard boats. They are usually made of metal and come in a wide variety of different shapes and designs. Some designs can also allow for storing some items such as wakeboards, safety gear, and other equipment.

If your boat does not come with a wakeboarding tower as standard, then you are left with two choices. You could either buy one from reputable manufacturers or you could go ahead and build yourself one. Buying readymade towers have lots of benefits. These towers are constructed with high grade materials and years of research.

When buying a tower, make sure that it is constructed according to your needs. Take note of the materials used for construction. It must have a good balance of style, durability, and utility. Also make sure that the tower has detailed instructions on how to attach it to your boat. Even a little defect in workmanship can have disastrous results at high speed.

If you want your tower to be truly unique and customized, building your own tower is the way to go. There are many designs all over the internet for custom built towers, but almost all of them require some experience in welding metals. One downside of building custom towers is that its cost can be much higher than purchasing premade towers. It is just up to you to decide on whether it is justifiable to build your custom tower or just stick with the preassembled ones.

One great modification that people have done with these towers is by installing speakers. With these, even the rider can hear their favorite tunes while hanging on and being towed by the wakeboard boat. If you want to install speakers, keep in mind that it needs to be powerful. The boat produces a lot of noise, and some noise can also come from the waters. With loud speakers, you could hear the music over the noise. Just be sure that the speakers you install are waterproof and weatherproof.

Wakeboarding is a fun sport. You could get a lot of excitement even if you only install the tow cable on its stock position. But if you want to take it to another level, then installing a wakeboarding tower on top of your boat can give you lots of adrenalin packed fun.

Great facts about Wakeboard tower. Visit http://www.WakeboardingTower.org.

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

How to perform great waterskiing tricks - the video

How to perform impressive waterskiing tricks

There are many tricks that can be preformed when barefoot water skiing. The sport has only been around since the 1940's but because so many people are interested in it many tricks have been developed. There are jumps, tricks that involve crossing over the wake of the boat, water hops, unusual ways to get on your feet, and tricks that involve holding on to the rope in a different way such as with your toes.

You can see many of these tricks preformed at barefoot water skiing competitions. Experts can do amazing things while on the water including jumping over 90 feet. For beginners and advanced barefooters alike tricks are a fun way to improve skills and ad variety to a day of skiing.

One common type of barefoot water skiing trick are surface hops. These tricks are common in water skiing competitions and judges award points based on a change in the spray pattern of the skier. A slight upweighting while skiing will cause this change. This is done by crouching down and then springing up with your knees so that you feet leave the water slightly. Surface hops are a good beginner trick and relatively easy to learn.

A variation of a surface hop is a wake hop in and wake hop out. This trick is done by hoping from outside the wake and over the crest to the inside of the wake or from inside the wake and over the crest to outside the wake. Any change of spray demonstrates that that you completed the trick. It is important to master the regular surface hop before you attempt a wake hop in or a wake hop out.

There are also many pricks that are unique ways to start skiing. There are many ways to get to your feet when you are barefoot water skiing including stepping off a single ski, stepping off the boom cable, or tumbling up from the water. Trick starts are often preformed in competitions as the start of an exhibition routine. A Flying dock start is a common starting trick and while impressive to watch is an easy trick for an intermediate skier to learn.

In a flying dock start the skier starts by holding on to the rope while standing still on the dock. As the boat begins to move the skier runs and when they reach the end of the dock the skier hits the water in the standing position. This is a very impressive starting trick and not as hard to learn as it seems.

Check out more great articles on the extreme and highly skillful and entertaining sport of Barefoot water skiing at http://www.xtremewatersports.org/ Enjoy free and helpful information, tips, hints and videos.

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Friday, 5 March 2010

Waterskiing video - thrills and spills

Guide to Wakeboarding Spin Tricks

Newcomers to wakeboarding are generally a bit bemused by the number of different spin tricks! Every tiny variation in degree, facing side and handle-pass technique warrants a different name... and while they all look the same, the number of different names is incredibly hard to keep track of! Today we give you some wakeboarding tips (both boarding and viewing), for telling the difference between different tricks.

Degrees of spin

The degree of spin is often involved in naming a trick, and is relatively easy to figure out - especially when you get a few more wakeboarding viewing hours under your belt. For ready reference:

* A half-circle spin is a 180
* A full circle spin is a 360
* A one-and-a-half circle spin is a 540
* A double full circle spin is a 720
* A two-and-a-half circle spin is a 900

Backside v frontside, toeside v heelside

For those used to watch rollerblading or skateboarding, you'll be used to the contrast between frontside and backside tricks in wakeboarding. A frontside trick is one in which the rider's chest is leading the spin and faces the boat first, a backside trick is one where the rider's back faces the boat first.
However, the terms 'toeside' and 'heelside' are more often used in defining different wakeboarding tricks. A toeside trick is initiated if the rider's toes are facing the wakeboard at the beginning of the trick; in a heelside trick their heels are facing the wake. Heelside tricks are easier to initiate - your muscle layout works a little better for getting the required pop.

Techniques for spin tricks

Spins can be either on-axis or off-axis; again, once you have either seen them in action (or better yet, tried them yourself!), the difference is fairly easy to understand. An on-axis spin is one where the board remains parallel to the water throughout the spin. Off-axis spins are those in which the board moves away from a level angle, before returning to land. Wakeboarding advice sometimes pegs one or the other of these techniques as easier - in reality, it is down to personal preference. You will sometimes see off-axis spins noted with the acronym 'OA'... frustratingly the same acronym that would be used for 'On Axis'! On axis wakeboarding spins simply don't get the 'OA' in their name.

Ways of passing the handle

Any degree of spin over 180 in wakeboarding will require passing the handle, at some stage! Usually riders prefer to pass it behind their backs, but there are several other techniques:

* Baller: When the rider passes the handle between their legs instead of behind their back
* Flatline spins: In these wakeboarding tricks, the rider goes over the rope rather than passing the handle.
* Osmosis: This advanced handle pass 'throws' the handle from one hand back to itself, bypassing the other hand completely
* Wrapped: If the rope is wrapped around the rider's back before they start their trick, it is called a wrapped trick. If they land with the rope wrapped around their back, it is called 'landing blind'.

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Thursday, 4 March 2010

National Water Ski Championships - Men's Jump

Wakeboarding - all the info you need

Wakeboarding, the latest crafty twist in water sports

The surface water sport wakeboarding is the combined techniques of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. Here the rider is tagged behind a cable park or a speeding boat positioned on the wakeboard, riding on the wakes performing tricks. The speeding up of the wakeboard boat depends on the water conditions, size of the wakeboard, rider's weight and the speed desired by the rider. Riders are also sometimes towed by personal water crafts, closed course cables and all-terrain vehicles. Wakeboards are part surfboards and part water ski. The boards are curved to ease the lift. The wakeboard bindings help the riders to hold their feet to the board.

Wiles of wakeboarding
While wakeboarding the rider usually wears a wetsuit and moves towards the wake or drift away from the wake to perform the tricks. Jumps are attempted by striking the wake and leaping into the air. The rider can also take help of the slide bar and ride while keeping the balance. After getting accustomed to the usual stuff of skateboarding, the rider can perform the tricks being lofty in the air. On tightening the wakeboard rope the rider achieves speed towards the wake. Gradually, the tightened rope launches the rider at a point up in the air where he attempts to perform tricks.

Sizes and shapes of wakeboards vary depending on the rider's personal preferences and body weight. The bigger the board, the better it edges and floats. However, larger boards adversely affect the performance of advanced stunts.

Sporty tricks of wakeboarding
Motor boats pull wakeboards across the water and the wakeboarder pops off a large wake behind the boat and performs tricks. He or she sails above water aiming the wakeboard towards the sky.

The riding arts are also determined by the boards camber or rocker. The rockers favor smoother and faster ride without surface resistance. These cambers and rockers are meant for favoring more air tricks during the wake. While riding, the wakeboarders hold on the towropes which are hooked to the boat. Most of the boards are manufactured with wakeboard fins. Fins are located at the bottom of the boards and help in the betterment of personalizing the ride. The beginners use them to obtain more stability. The fins also help the wakeboarders in steering actions.

Maneuvers of Wakeboarding
Wakeboarding involves the practice of tricks like any other freestyle sport. Like surfing and snowboarding, the rider has the opportunity of performing tricks. In wakeboarding, the rider can perform better tricks if he attains more height. The wakeboarders fly drifting through air in order to perform aerial grabs. They clutch the towrope with one hand and reach back to grab their boards.

Surface tricks

Certain tricks are performed by the rider when he or she is not airborne. These tricks include backside butterslide, backside start, bodyslide, perez, potato peeler, surf curve etc.

The rider takes up the stunt of spin by rotating around like snowboarding. The rider takes up the stunt by rotating 360 degrees. At some instances the writer accelerates the degree of rotation. The various usual stunts of spins are backside, baller, flatline, frontside etc.

The awesome techniques of Wakeboarding have introduced artful thrills in the wet 'o' wild sports.

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Meet Kevin Henshaw and his Wakesetter VLX

What to Know About a Wakeboard Boat

Wakeboarding has become quite a popular sport and hobby. It is somewhat a combination of water skiing and surfing. This sport is usually done with the wakeboard rider being towed behind a boat. Any boat can be used in wakeboarding, but to be able to perform tricks, you will need a specialized wakeboard boat.

This type of boat creates the perfect wakes for wakeboarding. These boats have inboard engines at the back. The placement of the engine puts the center of gravity of the boat at the back. More weight at the back of the boat can make it create better wakes.

These specialized boats feature many technologies all aimed to create better wakes. Some of these technologies are Ballast, Wedge, and Hull Technologies. Most of the boats manufactured feature automated ballast technology.

Boats that use ballast technology have ballast tanks placed just inside the hull. These tanks can be filled and emptied with water, controlling the buoyancy of the boat and affecting the type of wakes that they produce. This is especially useful when doing high speed stunts, as the boat might lift off from the water, leaving the rider being towed with unsatisfactory wakes. There are switches on the cockpit of the boat, which the driver can use to control the ballast tanks.

To further enhance the wakes, boat manufacturers have added wedges and plates underneath the boat. Wedges are drag devices, and when used, they can pull the boat lower to the water when it is in motion. This has been proven to be a very effective technique in getting better waves, but it can also damage the boat's hull if it is not designed properly.

Wakeboard boat manufacturers have started to develop advanced hull technologies. Specially designed hulls permit the boat to create the best waves without any modification. And with only a few simple modifications, boarders can now get their perfect wave. With good hulls, boarders need only to add some aftermarket ballast and other heavy objects to make the boat heavier. At high speeds, this can produce wakes large enough for tricks.

When buying a used boat, there are some things that you need to check out. First, you should look at its hull. If the boat is still out of water, walk around it and inspect if there are signs that the ship has undergone major repairs. Also check the deck if it has soft spots. If it does, then it might be a sign that the deck is rotting, and should be avoided if possible, unless you want to spend for its repair. Also, ask the previous owner the obvious questions such as how old is the boat, is it stored while not in used, or if it had undergone repairs in the past. And lastly, you should take the boat for a test drive. You would know how good the boat responds if you test it yourself.

If you want to start wakeboarding, having the proper equipment is essential. Your gear must be specially made for the task. With a wakeboard boat, you could have the perfect wakes to ride on.

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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Wakeboarding Ridin' With The Pros

Look Good in the Water With Great Wakeboarding Gear

Each type of sport comes with its own unspoken dress code or fashion. For instance, basketball players would typically be seen wearing jerseys and rubber shoes. Baseball players on the other hand can be identified by their jogging pants and baseball caps. It's the same thing with water sports such as wakeboarding. If you are a novice wakeboarder, then you will definitely benefit from the fashion tips in this article if you want to look good in the water while performing your routines.

There are actually no fast rules in choosing what to wear for the sport of wakeboarding. You do have to keep in mind that the most important thing is to find something that is comfortable and easy to move in. You should also know that wakeboarding outfits are not all created equally. There are certain brands and materials that are way above the rest in terms of quality and performance, so you should keep your eyes peeled for these items.

One of the first items you need to have is a good pair of wake-boarding shorts. The best kinds are those that fit snugly around the hips and thighs, but are not too constricted as to cut off circulation to your legs. These kinds of board shorts allow you to move as freely as possible and do not flap around in the water nor pose the risk of snagging, which can and has actually led to a few cases of drowning. The type of fabric used in the shorts should be of consideration as well. Stick with those that do not soak up the water, adding a lot of unnecessary weight as you move in the water.

During your wake-boarding routines, you will be subjected to strong winds because of the high speeds at which you will be moving through the water. To protect yourself from these potentially dangerous gusts, it would be wise to wear an outfit that is made from a sturdy material that will not tear under the heavy pressure. A dry suit is one of the best options you can take. This will not only keep you protected from heavy winds but also keep your body dry despite being exposed to water for an extended amount of time. Up until a few years ago, people were reluctant to buy dry suits because they had been known to be quite heavy. That has changed in the last few years when lightweight suits became available in the market.

Once you have chosen a hip outfit for wake-boarding, you must now turn your attention to buying an efficient life vest. Even if you are an expert swimmer or boarder, you should still put on a life vest before taking off as this can spell the difference between life and death.