Thursday, 25 February 2010

Waterskiing tow and tube riding

The Tow
When selecting water skiing equipment supplies such as a tow rope for your tube, make sure you tow children with a rope that is less than 60 feet so the tube will not gain too much in the way of speed. However, also make certain that the rope is never less than twenty feet in length.

The More the Merrier
If you're considering a tube for more than one rider, then you have a variety of options.

(1) Deck ski tubes look like a mattress and accommodate several riders.

(2) Multi-rider ski tubes usually can hold two to six riders and need water skiing equipment supplies such as a harness and tow rope.

(3) Ride-in ski tubes are like little boats. Riders sit ensconced on the floor of these tubes.

(4) Specialty tubes such as concept tubes represent such ski tubes as banana boats and multi-rider "hot dogs".

Going it Alone
Of course, if you want to go it alone, then there are one-rider ski tubes offered in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most come in round tubes for the maximum of fun.

Other Features
The tube you select should also contain features such as a double tow points and tow systems that are reinforced for extra safety. In addition, it should include a speed valve and a drain vent that is self-bailing. It's a must to have foam pads in order to ensure comfort and plenty of handles so that riders can be seated in a number of ways.

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