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3 great benefits to having a Wakeboard tower on your boat

Wakeboarding continues to become a very popular sport. Professional riders perform tricks that seem impossible and truly daring. Most of these tricks can only be performed if the boat towing the rider has a wakeboarding tower. This accessory allows riders to get higher in the air without being slammed into the water when gravity pulls them back down. This also allows the rider to make tricks that seem impossible to perform.

Attaching a wakeboard rope atop a wakeboard tower has various advantages, the most obvious one is increased hang time. When the rope is attached directly at the hull, the boat would pull the rider back down to the water. You would not catch much time in the air, to perform other tricks.

These towers are mostly standard equipment on wakeboard boats. They are usually made of metal and come in a wide variety of different shapes and designs. Some designs can also allow for storing some items such as wakeboards, safety gear, and other equipment.

If your boat does not come with a wakeboarding tower as standard, then you are left with two choices. You could either buy one from reputable manufacturers or you could go ahead and build yourself one. Buying readymade towers have lots of benefits. These towers are constructed with high grade materials and years of research.

When buying a tower, make sure that it is constructed according to your needs. Take note of the materials used for construction. It must have a good balance of style, durability, and utility. Also make sure that the tower has detailed instructions on how to attach it to your boat. Even a little defect in workmanship can have disastrous results at high speed.

If you want your tower to be truly unique and customized, building your own tower is the way to go. There are many designs all over the internet for custom built towers, but almost all of them require some experience in welding metals. One downside of building custom towers is that its cost can be much higher than purchasing premade towers. It is just up to you to decide on whether it is justifiable to build your custom tower or just stick with the preassembled ones.

One great modification that people have done with these towers is by installing speakers. With these, even the rider can hear their favorite tunes while hanging on and being towed by the wakeboard boat. If you want to install speakers, keep in mind that it needs to be powerful. The boat produces a lot of noise, and some noise can also come from the waters. With loud speakers, you could hear the music over the noise. Just be sure that the speakers you install are waterproof and weatherproof.

Wakeboarding is a fun sport. You could get a lot of excitement even if you only install the tow cable on its stock position. But if you want to take it to another level, then installing a wakeboarding tower on top of your boat can give you lots of adrenalin packed fun.

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