Friday, 12 March 2010

How to deliver hand signals when Waterskiing or Wakeboarding

Water sports are gaining popularity everywhere across the globe these days. Places which have beaches have always witnessed popularity and craze of water sports. The most popular and preferred water sports are Wake boarding and Water skiing. To be able to enjoy these two sports you need to have all the necessary knowledge about the sport, safety precautions and about the wake boarding and water skiing equipments.

About Wake boarding:

In wake boarding the boarder has to ride and balance himself/herself on the wakeboard while riding on the water surface. The wakeboard is tied behind a boat with the help of Wakeboard Bindings. The boat pulls you along and you have to maintain your balance and maneuver your wakeboard accordingly.

Wake boarding is actually not an original concept, but it was formulated by combining three other sport techniques, that of water skiing, snow boarding and surfing. The wakeboard is pulled along behind a boat. Generally the boat's speed is maintained at 15-25 miles per hour, depending upon the age and skills of the wake boarder, and also on number of other conditions, like rider's weight, height, water conditions, etc.

To be able to perform wake boarding efficiently, one must have a good quality wakeboard and bindings. A good quality wakeboard allows you to maneuver smoothly and efficiently on the water surface and helps in maintaining your balance. A good quality wakeboard is of ideal width. A very thick whiteboard makes it difficult to maneuver the board as it gets heavy and a very thin Wakeboard makes it difficult to maintain balance and can easily upturn. Also, a good quality binding is of equal importance as it ensures your safety by keeping you securely bound to the towing boat.

About Water Skiing:

It is highly important to be a skilled skier before you take to deep waters. The speed of water skiing is quite high which can be as high as 50 miles per hour. A mere tumble or imbalance can lead to sever consequences like drowning, serious face and knee injuries. Good skills and proper water skiing equipments can help you prevent accidents.

A life jacket is of utmost importance as at a high speed when you loose your balance, it is very difficult to come above the water surface yourself, which can lead to drowning. Use a good quality fiber glass skis that are sturdy and support your weight.

Select the length of the skis depending upon skills and style of skiing. It is always advisable to use long and wide skis in the beginning. This helps you in better manoeuvring and support. From the three types of skis, Slalom Pairs, Combination Pairs and Trick Skis, go for combination skis as they are easiest to use and provide better control.

Use a good quality rope that is elastic in nature, which provides good control while changing speeds.

For any help on Water Skiing Equipment, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Wakeboard bindings!

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