Wednesday, 17 March 2010

5 great tips for buying a jetski

Jet skiing is definitely one of the most thrilling water sports that you can ever try. But if you're tired of renting, then why not consider buying your own unit? Here are some tips to find the best used jet ski for your needs:

1. Look for one with few owners and little mileage.

If you're buying a used jet ski, then avoid buying one that's been run into the ground (so to speak). One or two previous owners isn't major, but avoid examples that have had several owners. It's just like a car the more owners there have been, the more likely you'll inherit someone else's headaches. And the more someone has ridden it, the more likely there will be some major mechanical issues to deal with.

2. Look for complete service records.

As with any other type of powered vehicle, water craft require routine maintenance and repairs. That's normal. But when you buy a jet ski that lacks complete service records (or worse completely lacks them),
there is no way of knowing what work has been done on it. There will simply be too many question marks in your mind, about what maintenance the machine has undergone.

3. Inspect the item in person, whenever possible.

The key to doing this is to buy locally. Yes, you could purchase a used jet ski from a reputable dealer and not have any buyer's remorse afterward. But if you do, then be absolutely certain that you can trust the seller. Buying locally and inspecting it will help to avoid potential problems such as scams and lemons. Otherwise, it's difficult to know what exactly you're getting when you buy. The picture you see on a website may not be what is shipped to your home!

4. Test drive when possible.

Unfortunately this isn't always possible, and especially if you or the owner live in a desert. But whenever possible, definitely take the craft out for a spin, before you buy it. Just as when buying a car or truck, this will give you an idea about how much power the unit has, and whether it meets your particular needs. If you can't test drive it, then make sure to inspect it thoroughly before buying it.

5. Remember that you get what you pay for.

As with most other purchases, there is a link between the cost and its quality. Sure, there is always a chance that you could get an outstanding deal. But make sure that you don't purchase a cheap example for the sake of doing that. It's crucial that the exterior and mechanics of it are in good shape. While this may increase the price of the machine, ultimately it will certainly be worthwhile. Spending a little more could save you a small fortune in the future. Following these tips can help to ensure that you buy a used jet ski that you could be making waves with for quite a long time!

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