Thursday, 25 March 2010

3 of the top Wakeboarding tricks

Wakeboarding is a popular water sport, and it is only getting more popular each passing day. It takes a fair amount of skill and strength to pull off the fancy tricks, so all the guys and girls who can pull it off are truly admirable!

These are the kind of tricks that leave a crowd dazzled, amazed. The complicated tricks that are done flawlessly are breathtaking to watch. Want to know some of these impressive wakeboarding tricks? Here's a list!

Tantrum to Blind - This trick is truly awesome. Never seen it done before? Well, you really should! This is where the rider is facing forward, and goes diagonally to hit a small wave. When he or she hits the wave, they flip up in the air, do a twisting flip, and then land! It is truly amazing.

A Front Flip - One of the prettiest of wakeboarding tricks, this one is where the rider goes flying up into the air after hitting a wave. The rider performs a cartwheeling kind of flip while they are still in the air. Then they come back down, landing hard. Without a doubt one of the coolest tricks ever invented.

The Elephant - This is a great invert trick, where the rider flips up into the air, does a great flip to the side, and comes back down to a hard landing. If you pull it off right, this one looks fantastic.

There are many other types of wakeboarding tricks that are amazing, however, these are among the most difficult to perform. You'll find that they are among the most superb and breathtaking tricks around.

The thing is, you have to have a lot of skill to excel in a demanding sport like wakeboarding. Kudos to the guys who can do it!

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