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How to perform impressive waterskiing tricks

There are many tricks that can be preformed when barefoot water skiing. The sport has only been around since the 1940's but because so many people are interested in it many tricks have been developed. There are jumps, tricks that involve crossing over the wake of the boat, water hops, unusual ways to get on your feet, and tricks that involve holding on to the rope in a different way such as with your toes.

You can see many of these tricks preformed at barefoot water skiing competitions. Experts can do amazing things while on the water including jumping over 90 feet. For beginners and advanced barefooters alike tricks are a fun way to improve skills and ad variety to a day of skiing.

One common type of barefoot water skiing trick are surface hops. These tricks are common in water skiing competitions and judges award points based on a change in the spray pattern of the skier. A slight upweighting while skiing will cause this change. This is done by crouching down and then springing up with your knees so that you feet leave the water slightly. Surface hops are a good beginner trick and relatively easy to learn.

A variation of a surface hop is a wake hop in and wake hop out. This trick is done by hoping from outside the wake and over the crest to the inside of the wake or from inside the wake and over the crest to outside the wake. Any change of spray demonstrates that that you completed the trick. It is important to master the regular surface hop before you attempt a wake hop in or a wake hop out.

There are also many pricks that are unique ways to start skiing. There are many ways to get to your feet when you are barefoot water skiing including stepping off a single ski, stepping off the boom cable, or tumbling up from the water. Trick starts are often preformed in competitions as the start of an exhibition routine. A Flying dock start is a common starting trick and while impressive to watch is an easy trick for an intermediate skier to learn.

In a flying dock start the skier starts by holding on to the rope while standing still on the dock. As the boat begins to move the skier runs and when they reach the end of the dock the skier hits the water in the standing position. This is a very impressive starting trick and not as hard to learn as it seems.

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